Back In The Saddle.

Dec 6, 2018

An IT bag get a second chance and is just as it worthy!

Originally designed in 1999 the Dior saddle bag was popular among the fashion set, but when Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) decided to carry one in Sex and The City, it became one of the most recognized luxury handbags on the market!  

In 2014 everyone's favorite bae aka Beyoncé was seen carry the now "vintage" Dior saddle bag and by 2017 the bag was once again popping up all over Instagram and on the arms of celebrities.  Finally in 2018, almost 20 years since it's original walk down the runway the Dior fashion house re-launched the bag to a very positive response!
The updated version can been seen carried the tradition way, with a shorter strap tucked under the arm, or with the more updated thicker, usually loud and fun, strap making it a cross body- these are purchased separately.   This time around is now available in over 20 various colors and designs and two different sizes, something for everyone!  Though don't plan to jump online and buy yours, most all saddle bags must be purchased in stores - unless you are buying second hand which with prices starting at $2350 (up to $8500) might be a good idea! 

If you are looking for a classic bag go for a solid leather in black, navy, or red.   The CD logo fabric is more fun and trendy (though still a classic in it's own way) and this time around you can even personalize the bag to fit your own style. 


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