White Boots What?

Dec 6, 2018

White boots have become a huge trend for fall/ winter 2018.  I don't know why but when I think of white boots I always get an image of plastic faux patent leather knee high boots from an old 60's girl Halloween costume.  


Thankfully now I get the image of super cute, surprisingly comfortable side zip white boots from Paige.  
Paige recently started making shoes and weather you are a fan of their legendary denim line or not you need to take a second look at their shoes.  I am surprised by all the looks I have put together with this boots.  Jeans, dresses, skirts and, to my relief, I have no 60's girl feeling at all.  
Here are the top three things to look for in white boots for this fall/ winter season. 

1.    Fabric.  I would suggest never buying a white boot in canvas, suede, or satin (I don't know why anyone would buy a shoe is in satin if you plan to actually wear it).  Yes, they are boots but they are WHITE and you want them to stay white.  Leather is my number one choice hands down because it is easy to clean and easy(ier) to protect. 

2.    Shaft height.  Are you purchasing ankle boots, super low ankle boots, knee high, mid- calf?  This depends on your style how you plan to wear them and your height.  I am not a fan of super low boots in general, anything below the ankle just looks like it is a regular shoe that got confused.  I find 1-2 inch above the ankle is the most flattering across the board for an ankle style boot.  1 inch below the knee is most flattering or 2 inches above the knee.  Of course having more than one pair solves all these issues! 
3.    Heel.  This goes for any boot or shoe you buy but I have found it especially important for white.  Block and kitten heel are very hot right now- yes I know they are opposites but I am not a huge for of either for myself.  I like a high heel that is on the more slender side.  Not a spike heel or shoes with a major platform but one that can be dressed up or dressed down.   If I had to pick between block and kitten I would go black all day long! 


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